DIY Epublishing cover image Hi, dear friends!

I am so excited to announce that my first book ever is now available on Kindle. I’ve signed up for Kindle Select, and the book is now in its FREE promotional period. That’s right – download the book for FREE from September 28th through October 2nd. My gift to you!

In it, I write about all the things I’ve learned while working with hundreds of authors and their ebooks…how to convert like a pro, how to market your ebook, tips for great metadata, why going direct will make you more money, and much more! I’ve also included some bonus features not available anywhere else and valuable coupon codes.

Publishing this book taught me so much about what my authors go through when they write. For me, the hardest part of this whole process was writing the darn thing! Getting it converted and out there took under a day. That was EASY! It’s kind of sad that so many authors let this part be their sticking point. They get bogged down by the tech stuff that could easily be outsourced or mastered with just a little research. Seriously, if you’ve written a manuscript, you’ve done the hard part…putting it out there is SO much easier!

Other stuff I’ve learned:

  • The second the book is “complete” you think of other things to add or change. (AHA! Now I understand why my authors revise a “final” manuscript!)
  • It’s hard to concentrate on anything else when you want to be writing. I couldn’t sleep one night because I was thinking about the book. Wrote from 12 am to 2 am. These were the most productive 2 hours I’ve had in a long time.
  • You check and double-check after you upload the file to see when it’s finally LIVE (Amazon over-delivered on its 12-hour live time – they came in at 7 hours. Impressive, and a big reason why I like Amazon the best.) Then, it’s time to watch sales reports! Geesh!
  • Unexpected benefit – my file size decreased significantly when I uploaded it. It was 4.5MB on my computer (lots of screen shots in the book) but then when I uploaded it, it came in under 1.7MB. That shoots my conspiracy theory out of the water. I had thought that Amazon added bloat to files in the conversion process from ePub to mobi, but it seems the bloat goes away when the book is uploaded.
  • Unexpected thrill – seeing my name as the author. It’s not about me, folks…but it’s pretty darn cool to be listed as an author! : )
  • Final thought – I don’t know if you guys do this, but there’s just a little fear in me that the book will not be “good enough.” What if people don’t like it? This was not an emotion I had expected to have…but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Bottom line: nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you’re an author, a small publisher, or an aspiring writer (who hasn’t even written your first book yet) – now’s the time. Try digital publishing and see what happens. It’s easier now than it has ever been before!

Go get my little book now while it’s FREE – here’s the Amazon link:

OH – and please tell your friends! I’d love for them to get the book for free, too!