So, I decided to take my own advice and publish an ebook. I’m calling it DIY Epublishing: A Beginner’s Guide to Formatting, Uploading, and Marketing Your Ebook Like a Pro. So excited I think I could probably throw up! : ) I’ve attached the cover (DIY’d it!) so you can see what it looks like. Isn’t she cute? She kind of looks like me, just a little bit!

My plan is to publish it exclusively on Amazon, and see what happens with their Kindle Select program. That means it will be free for at least 5 days in the next 90 days…and I should be able to hit after-Christmas sales at the full price of 2.99. My thinking is that the free download period will help spike sales for later when it costs money. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m doing a couple things in the ebook that make it more of a value for readers – they have some bonus videos that will show how to upload their ebooks to each outlet, offered for free. Plus, they can use a coupon code (listed in the ebook) to get $10 off my video training course, if they get stuck in the conversion process.

To my author friends: I have even more respect for what you go through as a creator of content. This “little book” has been a big challenge – both in my belief levels and then just in all the logistics of getting the darn thing written. For me, the EASIEST part of the whole process will be putting it out there for sale…rest assured when you’ve actually written the book, the HARDEST part is over. You CAN handle the conversion (especially if you outsource it!) and you CAN upload the book all by yourself.

Stay tuned for updates…I’ll be sure to post when the book is live and will let you know when the book is available for FREE!!!

Sending happy thoughts your way!