Here’s how: get your information product out there on the Kindle store. BAM! Instant credibility.

Now, I know it’s easy to put a book out there on the Kindle store. Anyone can do it, and many people put ebooks out there of questionable quality – it’s not like it has to be all that great in order to give you credibility.

The other day, I received an email that was pushing an information product. It was a little spammy, but I clicked through to the website anyway. EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THAT ANYONE CAN PUT A BOOK ON KINDLE, I immediately checked Amazon to see if it was listed. After all, if it was a legitimate product, the author would be publishing on the Kindle store, right? She wasn’t, and I wasn’t about to purchase the book on her website. My preferred place to purchase is Amazon.

What should have happened is that she should have put her book out there on Amazon, even if she had to undercut the price on her website. Why? That’s where the eyeballs are. And, oh yes, instant credibility!

What about building your list, you say? Build it from within the ebook. I see this all the time – a page somewhere in the book that encourages your reader to connect with you on their website, via an email list, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you have additional value to add and they’ve connected with you in your book, they will come.

Great example of this, in the weight loss arena, is Jennifer Jolan. I purchased her book(s) on Amazon, then connected with her via her email list, so now she has the opportunity to introduce me to more of her products. Well done.

Listing on Amazon is an excellent marketing strategy. People will see your book, your name, and your offer on Amazon…this is just another way to promote who you are and what you do to thousands of readers.

Is it time to start? Consider listing on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes, and reach 90-95% of the ebook market. You’ll need epub and mobi formats – if you need help, drop me a line. Best wishes for your ebook success!