Or, how I turned a $1000/year publishing program into $10,000 per MONTH

When I took over my publishing company’s digital program, we had been doing about $1000 in sales per year. This was net sales, back when net was 35% divided by half. We were paying half of our net to an outside service to distribute the books.

Fast forward to April 2009. I was put in charge of developing the digital program. The closest I had ever gotten to an ebook was a website. That was actually pretty close.

In the past, our procedure was to email a PDF to the outside provider, who would upload the PDF to a handful of outlets. There was ZERO formatting being done. The ebooks were a hot mess! Page numbers were still there, paragraphs stopped mid-sentence and started up on the next page, blank pages showed up as images, and the list goes on. If I had purchased one of these books back then, I would not have been happy. If I had seen a preview, I would have NOT purchased the book.

When I took over the program, I had 2 choices: either do it quickly, or do it RIGHT. I chose to do it right.

And the market responded. Within 6 months, I had converted the company’s backlist of around 140 active titles from PDF to epub and mobi files. I selectively chose a handful of high-volume outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, iTunes, and Kobo) and set our books up with them.

Very quickly, our digital program grew from $5,000/month, to $7,000, and by the time I left the company, our sales averaged over $10,000. It was a particularly fun day when our digital sales exceeded our print book sales on Amazon.

So, how can you leverage $300 and turn it into thousands? Pay attention to the PACKAGING! In ebook terms, this is your cover and your conversion. If you don’t have enough for both, spend the money on the COVER. You can always circle back around and do a professional conversion later.

Your cover is the very first thing anyone will see when browsing a shelf, even an electronic shelf. It needs to be compelling. I am not at all good at designing covers…I leave that to the pros. But, I know when I see a good one….and I’ll bet you do, too. So do your readers.

You can get a great cover for as little as $150 (see my links for a recommendation). And, depending on your book type, the conversion could run between $100 and $150. These 2 things, when done properly, can position your book to compete with authors who have been published by traditional publishing houses.

Ready to start? Stay tuned for exciting news about a video training program on how to convert Word docs to ePub and mobi formats! Or if you need help now, contact me and I’ll add you to my schedule.