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This happens all the time: you get your ebook files back, then weeks or months down the road, you realize there are things you want to change in them. You have 2 options: either compile a list and send it to us to update your ebook files, OR you can make the changes yourself. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download and install Sigil

Sigil is the software we use to compile ebooks. It’s available here: Sigil download.

Step 2: Open your ePUB file in Sigil

You’ll be working with the ePUB file, then when your updates are complete, you’ll use other software to convert to mobi.

Step 3: Make your changes

See the video for more information on how to do this. You can work in either Book View or Code View. If you work in Book View, take a look at Code View to make sure no rogue coding has inserted itself. It may take the form of inserting inappropriate line height or font size information.

Step 4: Validate the file

This is a 2-step process: first, you’ll want to validate via Sigil’s internal validator (the green checkmark). Then, you’ll want to validate via the online IDPF’s validator.

Step 5: Open your ePUB in Kindle Previewer

Download and install Kindle Previewer so you can open your ePUB and convert it to mobi. If the file is clean, it will do a quick conversion here & will be ready for Kindle upload. I never update the mobi file directly. The ePUB file is the source file for all ereader types.

Step 6: Replace your ePUB and mobi files on each platform

All you need to do is replace the old file with the new one. They’ll usually go active in 12-24 hours. Mobi is for Kindle, ePUB is for everyone else. Here are the links to each outlet for your convenience:


Barnes & Noble Nook Press

iTunes/Apple (file upload is via iTunes Producer, available only for Mac users. If you need help with an iTunes upload, let me know.)


Here’s the video for a more detailed explanation of all the tech-y steps:

This is the quick & dirty on how to update your ebook files. Of course, we’re happy to help with this process. If your changes are quick ones, I’ll usually do them at no charge. More extensive changes are at a rate of $25/hour (and we’re pretty quick).

Hope this helps!

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