Couple of new developments this week. They should make selling ebooks just a little more interesting and easier.

Amazon has rolled out KF8 to Kindle Touch. This is nice, and will allow for more advanced formatting, sort of like what Kindle Fire will do. However, it’s not yet ready to do fixed format files, like for children’s books. Speaking of children’s books, Kindle for Android, iPad, iPhone, and PC (and of course, Fire), will now show them!

Apple announced a new feature for pricing and rights in the iBookstore. The old method was to update rights and pricing per country by looking up currency exchange rates at each price tier.

Now, Apple will do the rate exchange for you and will allow you to update all countries at one time. You don’t even have to redeliver all your content via iTunes Producer. You can do all the rights & pricing updates online, via Mac or PC. Very nice new feature!

I was able to update about 20 books in around 30 minutes. Huge time savings and pretty easy to do. How-to screen shots are below:
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