Interior Book Design

There’s nothing quite like the polish of a professional book design. We offer typesetting services. Our typeset files are built in InDesign CS6 or CC, and are appropriate for print on demand and/or traditional printers.

Excellent options for print on demand include CreateSpace and Ingram Spark. Even if you decide to use print on demand services, at some point you may decide to work with a traditional printer. It’s helpful to know that your files will work with them, too.

How does it work?

  1. First, check out the pricing page: The pricing is based on the complexity of the book design. If you’re looking for ebook conversion, we can help with that, too. We require a small deposit to get started, or (of course) you can prepay the full amount.
  2. The next step is to email your manuscript to us (instructions will be provided in the order confirmation). Please make sure your manuscript is as close to final as possible. Text edits later increase your time to production significantly, and can increase your final invoice as well.
  3. We’ll communicate with you about your preferences on book size, fonts, and other text elements, and then will send a sample file of the first 20-30 pages, usually within a week. You’ll have the opportunity to make any design changes you like at this point. We always follow typical book design “rules” (no widows or orphans, chapters start on the right hand side pages only, etc.) so let us know if you want to break any of the rules.
  4. Give us another week to finish off the book design. We’ll email the print-ready PDF to you and then make any changes that you have. We’ll do up to 2 rounds of revisions. After we send the final print-ready PDF, it will be ready to upload to CreateSpace, Ingram Spark, or to send to your printer.
  5. We’ll email an invoice of your final balance.
  6. We’re not going anywhere! It’s pretty normal for authors to find additional changes after they see their proof. If you have a small number of changes, we’ll do these free of charge. If the changes are more extensive, we can bill by the hour.