I am so excited about this that I just had to share – right away!

If you haven’t yet tried Kobo out, go to: Kobo Writing Life and sign up. It’s super-easy – all they’re asking for is where to send your royalty payment. PLUS, until November 30, they’re doing an extra 10% royalty, for a whopping 80%! No one else gives that much.

When I first started working with Kobo, they required either an Excel file (YUCK!) or ONIX feed of your metadata, and then you had to upload your book covers and epub files to their FTP. Now, it’s all done online, very much like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

SO, to review – you should already be using the marketing power of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes….NOW, it’s time to add Kobo.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve done this already or are planning on doing this. ALSO, if you’ve had any sales success with Kobo, let us know & we’ll all get inspired!