With all the free tools out there, why would anyone need a professional ebook conversion? Great question! The answer? CONTROL! Many books do very well with automatic ebook conversion software, but many more books need customized attention. Check out my video and find out why:

One thought on “Why would I want a professional ebook conversion?

  • April 28, 2012 at 10:21 am

    I absolutely love this Kindle 2! It’s sleek, stsylih looking, and does everything I want it do quickly! I had read that the internet browser was really slow, but the new Kindle has a faster processor and improved modem, so it is actually pretty fast. Of course, not to compare with DSL on a computer but it does the job.As for reading, the text is super sharp and the images are much improved with K2 have 16 shades of gray for better resolution.The new text to speech feature is pretty good. The male voice is better than the female voice but of course, it pales in comparison to audio books read by professionls. Still it’s nice to have the news being read to me while I am typing this review. I can see it being nice for commuting in your car to work or on trips. Might keep the kids quiet while on that trip to grandma’s house. The pages turn automatically as the voice is reading so you can follow along if you choose. With six font sizes, even the visually impaired could benefit from this feature.Would I recommend this product? You bet!

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