Calibre is a great tool for viewing ebook files. It’s also the best tool out there for organizing your ebook collection.

I like to use it for converting clean ePub files to mobi. Because of this, I don’t have to know anything about mobi creation software. I just use Sigil and hand-code the HTML.

There are a handful of things that look different on the mobi file compared to the ePub file:

  • Headers seem very large in comparison to the regular text (the Kindle device resolves this, they look much better)
  • Tables are unpredictable (treat them as images for Kindle, unless they’re VERY simple)
  • Chapters seem to merge together (although they start on new “pages” on the Kindle itself)

I’ve attached a quick/basic how-to on using Calibre. Let me know what you think!
How to Use Calibre

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